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Feedback re. Thorney Road Feedback re. SB01201 West of Stein Road and SB08329 North of South Lane
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SB01201 West of Stein Road and SB08329 North of South Lane

Sites SB1201/SB08329

Are the developers prepared to enter into a binding legal agreement to back up their assertion that they will not seek to develop the remainder of the site at a future date? Have the developers entered into an agreement for all of the land owned by the Church commissioners or only the identified SHLAA site? If it is only this site, what is to stop the Church Commissioners engaging with other developers in the future?

These are the most open , least well defined sites and therefore I was disappointed that no mention was made of strategic landscaping to strengthen or create boundaries, and unlike some of the other developers no mitigation measures to protect the privacy and amenity of properties adjoining the site. I note another resident has queried developers intentions with regard to landscaping but surely a landscaping and maintenance plan would be an integral part of any planning application and would have to be agreed by the Local Authority and implemented before the site could be occupied. I think it is a pity that this aspect was missing from this developer’s presentation. They only made reference to the central coppice which I would hope the Local Authority would make subject of a blanket TPO anyway if the site was to come forward. Unlike others they did not appear to have gathered a good background knowledge of the site itself, being unaware that this is grade 1 agricultural land for example.

I would have liked to have been given some idea of the style of housing proposed, other than the vague proposal of fairly low scale development. Given how visible these sites are from a number of footpaths the impact of any development would be substantial. It would have been helpful to have had some conceptual ideas of how the developers intended to integrate any new housing into the existing landscape to minimise what would clearly be significant visual impact on the surrounding countryside.

None of the developers appears to have taken into account the wider highway implications,  such  as the increase in traffic at the T junction at the northern end of Stein Road which has inadequate visibility to the east, no lighting and the lack of footways to South Lane/Woodmancote Lane.